Buying sperm from a licensed, registered sperm bank gives you reassurance and certainty in more ways than one – including who your baby’s ‘father’ is.

You may have read media stories of women in legal battles with their sperm donors, who turn out to have full parental rights over the child they’ve helped to create, even if this wasn’t intended at the of conception.

In many of these cases, insemination happened under private arrangement, at home. And this is where the legalities of parenthood get complicated when using donor sperm to conceive.

Legal parenthood when using a HFEA-registered sperm donor

As a fully licensed, HFEA-registered and regulated sperm bank, your Semovo sperm donor is just that – a sperm donor. He will never be considered to be your child’s legal father.

Your sperm donor will never have any legal claim or parental rights over your child, no matter which type of fertility treatment you have, whether you’re married, single, in a relationship or same-sex partnership.

Using a Semovo sperm donor and having treatment at licensed clinic ensures that your partner, if you have one, is recognised as the second legal parent through consent.

Legal parenthood through private arrangement or at home insemination

The rise of unregulated co-parenting and sperm donor matching sites and apps have led to increasing numbers of women opting for private insemination at home. It’s a very risky option, not only because of the health dangers but because of the legalities of parenthood.

In some instances, your sperm donor may actually be your child’s legal father, giving him all the rights this entails, such as if you and your partner are not married or in a civil partnership, or if you’re a single person.

UK fertility regulator the HFEA – Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority – only recommends using regulated donor sperm sources to have a baby. You can read the guidance on the HFEA website.

Semovo: Health-screened, identifiable UK sperm donors

Remember Semovo sperm donors complete detailed sperm donor profiles, giving you real and genuine insight into the type of people they are. Learn more about the risks of DIY donor sperm treatment, and why you should order donor sperm from Semovo to have your baby. It’s easy to find your perfect Semovo sperm donor – just tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll send you sperm donor matches.