Many of the women who use Semovo sperm donors to conceive are in same-sex relationships. Our sperm donors are committed to helping all people achieve their dream of a family, including single women and couples in the LGBT community.

Here’s an overview of your family building options using Semovo donor sperm. If your fertility clinic doesn’t have its own sperm donors to offer you, or instead imports sperm from abroad, we can deliver our UK donor sperm straight to your clinic for your use:

IUI – Intrauterine Insemination

IUI involves inserting donor sperm directly into your womb to fertilise your egg. It can be performed as a natural cycle, using the egg you ovulate, or with the help of fertility drugs if ovulation is irregular.

IUI is precisely timed by your fertility consultant to maximise your chance of pregnancy. It’s a minor procedure, performed in your fertility clinic’s theatre. After a period of rest afterwards, you can go home. You’ll be able to take a pregnancy test around two weeks later.


IVF involves stimulating your ovaries so multiple mature eggs are produced. These eggs are then fertilised using Semovo donor sperm in the clinic laboratory. Fertilised eggs are developed into embryos, and the best quality embryo is selected for transfer into your uterus in the hope it implants for pregnancy.

Any remaining embryos left from your IVF cycle can be frozen and stored for future use, in case your IVF cycle doesn’t work or you wish to grow your family.

Reciprocal/Partner IVF

Reciprocal or Partner IVF allows both you and your partner to be physically involved in the creation of your family.

One of you uses your eggs and Semovo donor sperm to conceive the embryos, your partner undergoes embryo transfer, carries the baby and gives birth. Reciprocal IVF – also known as ‘shared motherhood’ - is a very popular choice for lesbian couples that want to share the treatment experience.

Extending your family using your Semovo sperm donor

If you successfully conceive using a Semovo sperm donor, you’ll have the opportunity to use the same sperm donor in future to grow your family, so your children are biologically-related and share the same ‘father’.

Once your pregnancy is confirmed by ultrasound scan – usually performed at around 6-7 weeks of pregnancy - you’ll be able to purchase more donor sperm from your Semovo sperm donor.

At Semovo there are no fees or charges for reserving a family slot on a donor. We’ll allocate one of 10 allowed (in the UK) family slots for your chosen donor to you, so it can’t be used by other patients. When you’re ready to re-order your donor’s sperm, we’ll send his sperm to your clinic.

Find your ideal sperm donor with Semovo

Don’t worry about finding your perfect sperm donor – Semovo is one of the most successful sperm banks in the UK, men from all over the country donate sperm to us. We’ll have your ideal match – whether you want someone professional or sporty, tall or athletic, or just an all-round great guy.

All Semovo sperm donors write detailed personal profiles, including goodwill messages, so you get to know plenty about your sperm donor and can make a confident choice for starting your family.

We can start finding you a match straight away – tell us what your sperm donor preferences are and we’ll send you profiles that fit for you to read through.