Want to have a baby with the help of a sperm donor? Whether you’re looking for a tall professional executive or a sporty, sensitive guy, Semovo can help.

We’re one of the UK’s biggest sperm banks, with no waiting list for health-screened UK donor sperm.

With over 30 years’ expertise in sperm donation and sperm donor recruitment, we’re here to make sure that anyone who needs donor sperm – no matter what their circumstances – has the chance of a family safely, without needing to rely on imported sperm from abroad, join a waiting list or even resort to risky unlicensed sperm sources.

Originally the sperm donor programme of leading North West fertility clinic Manchester Fertility, we expanded nationally in 2016 under our new Semovo brand with one simple goal: to alleviate the shortage of donor sperm in the UK.


Semovo: The widest and best choice of sperm donors in the UK

You won’t find a wider or better choice of UK sperm donors than through Semovo - and that’s because we’ve made it possible for men to donate to us from right across the country, no matter where they live.

Our regional network of sperm donor clinics in Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and soon London, Glasgow and Birmingham means we’re not geographically limiting who can donate to us.

Which means a greater choice of sperm donors for you.


Award-winning sperm donation expertise

We also have an award-winning heritage. Our sperm donor programme was the first in the UK to achieve Centre of Excellence status by the National Gamete Donation Trust (NGDT), the leading charity for sperm, egg and embryo donation.

This is your assurance that when you order sperm from Semovo, you know your sperm donor has received first-class, personal care every step of the way. As a HFEA-registered sperm donor, he’s had implications counselling, is fully aware of his rights and responsibilities and is happy and prepared for future contact from any child he helps to create.

It’s also your guarantee that the sperm we supply is of the highest quality, with all our sperm donors rigorously screened and tested to the strictest regulatory standards. Our sperm donors are all UK-based men, aged 18 to 41, confirmed to have sperm with excellent mobility, motility and strong sperm count to maximise your chances of pregnancy.


Safe donor sperm for all who need it

The Semovo donor sperm bank is open to anyone who needs donor sperm, from single women to same sex couples and couples with male fertility issues.

When you order donor sperm from Semovo, we’ll send it via specialist medical couriers to your licensed fertility clinic if it has an agreement for us to supply sperm, so your fertility treatment can be carried out quickly without delay.


Order donor sperm from Semovo

Start your journey to find your sperm donor with Semovo. Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll browse our donor sperm bank to find you the best matching donors. All our sperm donors complete detailed personal profiles, including goodwill messages, to help you choose.

Start your journey today by completing our simple online form.