Semovo is an award-winning, UK-based sperm bank.

We are focused on ensuring patients have access to high-quality UK donor sperm.

  • Detailed donor profiles to help you choose

  • No waiting list

  • All-inclusive pricing

  • Licensed and registered with the HFEA

  • Identifiable UK-based donors

  • All donors screened and assessed using award-winning processes

  • Established for over 30 years, with a dedicated, experienced team

How it works

  • Fill in our form to start your journey

  • We search our catalogue for the best matching donors, and send you their profiles. See a sample profile here.

  • Choose your donor from these profiles

  • We supply the sperm direct to your clinic of choice

  • Treatment begins at your clinic


Semovo prices are all-inclusive - no family slot reservation fees, VAT-included, free delivery to most mainland UK clinics, and no additional fees for "enhanced" profiles.


Single ampoule price


Three ampoule package


(10% discount - £855/amp)

Five ampoule package


(20% discount - £760/amp)

“How truly wonderful to receive these sperm donors profiles, I’m blown away by them. I found the profiles very touching and beyond my expectations, such sincere heart felt men.”
— April 2017