Tempted to find donor sperm yourself and do DIY home insemination?

With increasing numbers of co-parent ‘matching’ sites and men even advertising their sperm online, it may seem like a quick, low-cost option to pregnancy - but it carries significant risks compared to donor sperm insemination at a licensed fertility clinic:

Advantages of donor sperm insemination at a licensed clinic

  • You’re given a thorough medical check including a fertility check before treatment starts, to ensure you’re ovulating and insemination is medically a treatment option for you
  • You’re given counselling – so you understand the full implications of using donor sperm to conceive now and in the future, including the effect it has on your donor-conceived child
  • Insemination is planned and performed by a specialist fertility consultant
  • Your ovulation is tracked and monitored – so insemination can be carried out at exactly the right time for fertilisation
  • If you have ovulatory issues, fertility drugs can be used
  • Your sperm donor is from a licensed sperm bank – regulated by the HFEA – which means legal parenthood is set by law. He is not your child’s legal parent and has no parental rights
  • As a registered HFEA sperm donor he is fully identifiable to your child in future, if they wish to know who he is – giving your child the chance to trace their biological origins
  • His sperm has been thoroughly checked for quality – he has proven sperm count and excellent sperm mobility and shape
  • He’s been screened for infectious diseases including STDs and common genetic conditions
  • He’s had implications counselling about being a sperm donor, understands what it involves and is happy to help you have a baby
  • His sperm has been carefully prepared and ‘washed’ in a laboratory before use
  • Insemination is carried out typically in a clinic theatre or private ward room

Disadvantages of at-home insemination & using unregulated sperm donor sources

  • If you’ve found a sperm donor online outside of a sperm bank, your sperm donor is unlikely to have had any medical checks, disease screening or a sperm analysis - which could potentially put your health – and the health of your baby – at risk
  • Your sperm donor could be the legal father of your child, giving him parental rights and all that this entails, depending on how insemination was carried out and whether you’re married or in a relationship at the time
  • There’s no limit to how many children your sperm donor creates – sperm donors from a regulated sperm bank can only create a maximum 10 separate families in the UK
  • No medical check is carried out to check your fertility – you may have fertility issues you’re not aware of, which would make insemination less likely to work
  • Ovulation isn’t monitored, reducing your chance of successful conception. Identifying the right time for insemination yourself can be very hit-and-miss, especially if you have irregular cycles
  • Risk of infection from trying to perform home insemination yourself

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