At Semovo donor sperm isn’t just collected and sent to patients. It goes through a number of processes first, just as our sperm donors do.

Our thorough approach means the donor sperm we offer you gives you the greatest chance of pregnancy, and the reassurance of safe donor sperm from health-screened donors.

Our Reproductive Technologist Lauren Baker, who analyses and prepares donor sperm and supports new and existing sperm donors, reveals more about what happens behind the scenes at our sperm bank.

So you can see how we care for your sperm donor and can guarantee his sperm quality:

Quality donor sperm – and quality sperm donors: We don’t just assess sperm quality when we recruit sperm donors. We’re also assessing the donor. Is he reliable and committed enough to be a sperm donor? This is so we can ensure your sperm donor is donating his sperm for the right reasons.

We’ll go through his medical history with him as well, it’s one of the first things we ask about as part of his first visit to our donation clinic.

Only the best sperm will do: The biggest reason we turn away most sperm donor applicants is because their sperm doesn’t meet the high standards we’ve set.

We’ll do a quick assessment of the sample a donor provides on his first visit, to assess his sperm count and motility.

Only donors who provide sperm samples that have high enough count and motility are progressed further, to a full semen analysis.

Sperm analysis – extensive testing: Our semen analysis goes beyond what many other sperm banks do. We don’t just test the basics of sperm count, motility and sperm shape but factors that can affect your chances of fertilisation and pregnancy, such as anti-sperm antibodies.

We check sperm for everything we can, so you can order donor sperm from us in complete confidence.

Doctor consultation – confirming sperm donor history: We don’t just do one review of sperm donor medical history. It’s double checked as part of his consultation with one of our fertility doctors.

An unsuitable medical history is the second highest reason we don’t accept potential donors. We do not take on a sperm donor if we have any doubt over inheritable or prominent conditions within his family.

Freezing donor sperm for pregnancy success: Once your sperm donor is accepted into the Semovo sperm bank we freeze his samples. We freeze samples with one focus only – successful fertility treatment and pregnancy for you.

Variations of sperm count between donations is normal and natural in healthy fertile men, but we don’t freeze a sperm donor’s samples if they fall below our standards at anytime during his donation journey.

Have your baby with a Semovo sperm donor

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