When you look for a sperm donor from Semovo, you’ll be given a choice of donors that match the physical appearance and other characteristics and preferences you’re looking for – so how do you know which one is right for you?

It’s natural to be anxious about choosing your sperm donor. It’s a truly life-changing decision, and not just in terms of what your child may look like.

Here’s our advice on what you should consider, to help you find the perfect sperm donor for you and your baby:

Looks and ethnicity

What a sperm donor looks like is the first basic thing to come into the decision making process.

You may already have a ‘type’ of man in mind. If you’re looking for a sperm donor that shares the same culture as you, we’ll be able to advise if we have any sperm donors of your ethnicity available. We have men of many different ethnic and cultural backgrounds donating sperm to us.


Once you’ve identified your ideal physical appearance, personality comes next. All Semovo sperm donors write detailed personal profiles, to give you an idea of what they’re like as a person.

This helps you to find a sperm donor that fits with the outlook and approach to life you are looking for.

Interests, hobbies and work

If you have a particular hobby, you may want a sperm donor that shares this too. You may have certain hopes for your child too for the future, and so want a sperm donor with a specific level of education or job. All Semovo sperm donors include what they do for a living in their profiles.

Goodwill message

The goodwill message our sperm donors write are often the most intimate and telling part of their profile paperwork. It’s a personal message to you and any child you have.

They may write about why they decided to donate sperm, or what their hopes are for you and the child you have. It often gives you the greatest insight into who they are, their personalities and motivations.

At Semovo we aim to give you a choice of at least two to three sperm donors that closely meet your preferences. All our sperm donors are healthy, fertile men aged 18-41, with proven high quality sperm to maximise your chance of pregnancy.

All our sperm donors are also fully health screened including family medical history, in line with HFEA’s strict regulations, and have implications counselling before consenting to sperm donation. So they understand exactly what’s expected of them as a sperm donor, now and in the future.

Choose your Semovo sperm donor with confidence. Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll send you sperm donor matches. We have no waiting list for our UK donor sperm.