Are you searching for a sperm donor in the UK? We can help you find your ideal sperm donor quickly and easily from the comfort of your own home, safe in the knowledge that he’s health screened, fertile and happy to help you have your baby.

Here’s how it works when you buy UK donor sperm from Semovo:

Explore treatment at a fertility clinic

To use one of our sperm donors, you must be having your treatment at a licensed fertility clinic. We don’t supply our sperm for use outside of a licensed setting, such as at home. So see what treatment options are open to you at a fertility clinic of your choice. We’ll then contact your clinic to arrange to supply and deliver sperm for your use.

Choose your Semovo sperm donor

Choosing your sperm donor is one of the most exciting parts of your journey to a baby. Just tell us what characteristics make up your perfect sperm donor, and we’ll browse our extensive sperm bank to find you potential matches.

Once you’ve identified your favourites, we’ll send you their full sperm donor profiles that go into much more detail. Describing who they are, why they decided to donate sperm, and it may even include a goodwill message to you.

No matter which Semovo sperm donor is your final choice, they’re all young and healthy fertile UK guys aged 18-41 - with a few crucial things in common:

  • They have superior sperm – Semovo only accepts men as sperm donors if their sperm is of the highest quality, to maximise your chances of pregnancy.
  • They’ve passed our health screening – all Semovo sperm donors are screened to the strict standards set by the HFEA, the UK fertility regulator.
  • They’ve all had implications counselling – Semovo sperm donors are happy to be identifiable to your child, giving you confidence in your child’s future.

Ordering Semovo donor sperm: Simple, affordable pricing

Semovo donor sperm is simply priced to give you an affordable and safe way to have your baby.

You can choose from a single vial or a discounted multi-buy 3-vial or 5-vial package. Your fertility clinic will be able to advise how much sperm you need to order for your treatment with donor sperm, depending on whether you’re having IVF, ICSI or a course of donor sperm insemination.

All our prices include direct delivery to your clinic, and we don’t charge any fee for family slot reservation – giving you the chance to conceive again in future using the same sperm donor, if your treatment is successful.

Donor sperm delivery direct to clinic

Once we’ve confirmed your order you can relax and look forward to planning your family. We’ll liaise with your fertility clinic to ensure your donor sperm arrives at exactly the right time in your treatment cycle.

Have your baby with a Semovo UK sperm donor

With Semovo there’s no need to rely on foreign donor sperm, on risky unlicensed and unregulated sperm sources or even join a clinic’s donor sperm waiting list. We can help you have your baby now. Speak to our friendly team on 0345 266 1272 or fill in our form to find your best sperm donor matches.