Planning to have a baby in 2018 with the help of a sperm donor? Here are five top tips from the Semovo team, so you can start your journey to a baby with confidence:

1. Take the time to research fertility clinics

Don’t rush into treatment - take the time to research fertility clinics first. The HFEA has lots of information about this including a useful search tool.

Some clinics specialise in helping single women and same-sex couples to conceive, and in male infertility when donor sperm is needed.

Make time to go and visit the clinic you’re considering and meet its team. Find out their approach to your care, whether they have expertise in helping people in your situation, if there’s a waiting list for donor sperm and treatment and even if they have special funding options for treatments like insemination or IVF.

2. Where are the sperm donors from?

Just because a clinic says it has sperm donors, don’t assume they’re from the UK. Some fertility clinics import donor sperm from abroad, where the same strict regulations that govern sperm donation in the UK may not apply. So make sure you ask how a clinic’s sperm donors are sourced.

If you want a fully health-screened, registered and identifiable sperm donor for your child, it’s best to opt for a UK sperm donor like we offer at Semovo.

If your fertility clinic has a waiting list or imports sperm, remember we can supply your clinic with UK donor sperm straight away from our donor bank, for your treatment only.

3. Getting yourself ready for treatment

Are you really ready for fertility treatment? Getting yourself fertility fit will help your chances of pregnancy through treatment with donor sperm.

Factors such as a too high or too low BMI, a poor diet, smoking and alcohol intake can all negatively affect your own fertility and quality of your eggs. Get yourself in shape first, and make sure you’re in the best health you can be before treatment starts.

4. Time to conception

If you’re planning to have insemination treatment, remember that it may take more than one course of insemination to achieve pregnancy. It’s not unusual for it to take a few attempts to successfully conceive through donor sperm insemination.

5. And finally…don’t take the risk of DIY insemination

Finding a sperm donor through apps, social media or adverts may seem like a cheap and quick option to pregnancy, but it’s highly risky for you and your child. So why take the risk when it comes to having a baby? Do it properly and safely through treatment at a licensed clinic, using a registered sperm donor. Find out why here.

Start your search for your sperm donor now

Already know the type of sperm donor you’re looking for? See if we have a match – just tell us the characteristics you’d like your sperm donor to have and we’ll browse our sperm donor bank to find you a choice of suitable donors. It’s easy to get started, just fill in our online form.

We can send your chosen donor sperm to your licensed clinic – so you have no need to worry about finding a sperm donor. You can concentrate on finding the right fertility clinic for you.