You’ve planned to build your family using donor sperm, found your ideal Semovo sperm donor – now it’s time to ensure you’re physically ready for fertility treatment.

Because your own health does matter, whether you’re having IUI with donor sperm or IVF, here are our tips on how you can help optimise your fertility and prepare for pregnancy before your treatment starts:

Get your BMI in shape

BMI is a big factor in your chance of pregnancy, because being overweight or underweight can affect your own fertility, influencing things like your hormone levels, ovulation and menstrual cycle. If you’re having IVF, your weight can also affect how you respond to ovarian stimulation.

So take active steps to get your BMI in a normal range, so you’re not jeopardising your chance of fertility treatment success.

Eat healthier

Eating a healthy diet doesn’t mean completely giving up the foods you love, but what you eat is just as important when you’re trying for a baby through donor sperm insemination or IVF as it is when you’re trying to conceive naturally.

Cut back on processed foods and sugary drinks and snacks and focus instead on a balanced diet of fresh foods full of essential vitamins and minerals for conception and pregnancy.

Smoking and alcohol

You wouldn’t continue to drink if you were trying to conceive naturally, so ditch the alcohol in the run-up to fertility treatment too.

Remember current Department of Health advice is to not drink alcohol at all if you’re planning a baby. And quit smoking too, as it also affects fertility and may reduce your chances of conceiving. You’ll need to quit smoking – including e-cigarettes - at least three months before you start treatment to give your fertility and your body chance to recover.

Exercise sensibly

You’re used to pounding the streets and hitting the gym – but preparing for fertility treatment and pregnancy should involve a more gentle approach to exercise, in moderation. Opt for things like low-impact workouts, walking, stretching or swimming rather than high intensity training, rigorous runs or power lifting. You’ll get all the stress-relief whilst allowing your body to get ready for a baby.

Start your family using donor sperm

If you’re ready to have family and need a sperm donor, we have an extensive choice of health-screened, UK sperm donors. Read a sample sperm donor profile to explore the type of information you’ll get to help you choose your sperm donor, and learn more about ordering donor sperm from Semovo for your fertility treatment.